[ADCOIN RELEASE] Crypto Advertising Platform

Launching on May 1st 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity and join the waiting list!

Targeted crypto advertising

Cryptocurrency advertising through transparant digital ads. Blockchain enables full transparency on how your advertising budget gets spent. Benefit from fast payments with almost zero-fee on the advertising platform that welcomes cryptocurrency advertising!


Promote your ICO or roadmap at hyper targeted websites!


Monetize your cryptocurrency- and blockchain content by showing relevant ads.


Harness the power of blockchain and use transparant (micro)transactions and instant payments.


Advertising for cryptocurrency

In the first quarter of 2018 both Facebook and Google decided to ban all cryptocurrency related advertising. Instead of screening their advertisers they decided to kill it altogether. The world needs a transparant place to promote digital currency, ICOs, wallet and exchanges. We are here to provide just that!




AdCoin, founded in 2017, is created to be the advertising payment standard for online advertising transactions. Whether it’s paying for a like, tweet or a CPM campaign, AdCoin wants to facilitate all transactions in the online advertising space.

AdCoin can be bought through exchanges and through their website. Currently AdCoin already offers the following solutions:

  • Full REST API for developers
  • Payment gateway (wrapper)
  • WooCommerce Payment integration
  • WordPress stand-alone payments